Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? If you don’t see the answers below, then don’t hesitate to give us a buzz.

What if your services do not meet my expectations?

Your needs are our priority. If you are unhappy with our service, please give us a call or drop us an email.

Is your work insured?

Yes, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance with a limit of £3 million.

Can you help in obtaining planning permission for my project?

Absolutely. We will prepare the necessary drawings and submit the application to the council in your name. There will be a payable fee to the council, and you’ll be liable for it.

After the plans have been submitted we will liaise with the council on your behalf with any questions they have.

Who needs to be involved in our planning and building process?

The number of people involved depends on your project, you might need to work with:

  1. An architect
  2. A structural engineer
  3. Local council’s planning department
  4. Party Wall surveyor
  5. Building team
  6. Building Control Inspector.
Will I need to submit a pre-application to the council?

A pre-application to the council is not always required. We will suggest this to you if this is needed for your project.

A pre-application is cheaper and the level of details we need to produce is much less, waiting for the council to give feedback and issue guidance of our chances to get planning approval. This is only required if your project is high risk.

Where are we based?

Our design HQ is12 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston-Upon-Thames, KT1 4DB.

What information will you need before starting to work on my project?

The first details you’ll be asked for are:

  1. Name, contact details and the property’s address;
  2. Some basic questions regarding the property
  3. Description of what youare looking to achieve
  4. Your timeframes
  5. Floor plans, pictures of the property. (if available)
Why would I trust you?

Finding us online does not mean that we are faceless. From the moment you make an enquiry you will speak with one person from our team direct. We will be here to assist you with anything needed. We have an experienced ARB registered Architect with a Doctorate in Urban Design.

How can you provide an accurate service without visiting the property?

UK house styles fall into only a limited number of categories. This means once we know the number of bedrooms and the type of home you live in, we will know how much work is involved in designing your loft and therefore we know the cost of the architectural work.

Why shall I use LoftConversionArchitect?

Using our services, you’ll have:

  1. The design you want
  2. The best utilisation of space
  3. The most transparent price
  4. More chances of planning approval.
Will my property increase inprice after the extension?

Most probably! Speak with your local estate agent on this. In our experience clients easily make back the cost of the build by way of an uplift in property value.

How much will the building cost?

The only way for an accurate costing to be carried out are with the planning drawings which we will produce for you. The price depends on factors such as: complexity ofbuild, materials used in the building process and geographic location. Upon completion of your drawinsg we will estimate a build cost to serve as a true yard-stick for you, for when you go out to get quotes from contractors.

Does Loft Conversion Architect carry out the building works?

We have a bank of contractors who have built a minimum of 25 jobs on our database.

Tried, Tested, Trusted, Terrific.

In addition, we can project-manage your project on your behalf. The project-management fee will be calculated upon issue of the plans.

Can you help if we don’t live in the UK?

Sure. However, if the property is outside the UK we currently cannot help with your project.

Can Loft Conversion Architect produce more than one option for our extension?

Yes. Despite the fact that the majority want to see the simplest and most effective solution for their project, we are able to create more options from simple to grand for our client’s consideration.

Can you complete plans for bespoke projects and new builds?

Yes. We offer a bespoke service. Just email or call us to arrange a consultation.

When will I pay?

50% upon order and 50% upon receipt of the planning decision

Will you tell me how long my building project will take?


Together with your plans we will offer a report which will outline the key timeframes as a guide to your completing project.

What advantages of using Loft Conversion Architect?

Lofts are all we do andwe’re pretty darn amazing at them. You don’t have to settle for second best. This is a project you have been planning for a long while and you will want to make sure it surpasses your expectations. If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well. Using Loft Conversion Architect you’ll have an experienced team working for you with a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of planning. Also, someone will always be here for you, no matter what queries you have.

How do I know if I need planning permission for my works?

LoftConversionArchitect’s team will help you to determine if your plans fall under “permitted development”. If not, you will need to apply for planning permission.

If my application is refused what happens next?

A positive outcome is never guaranteed under a full planning application. Most of the times when refusing an application, the council provides an explanation. We will analyse their comments and find solutions to satisfy the requests. At this point we will set out a clear plan of action for you together with our best recommendation. It may transpire that appealing to overturn the decision is the best route. If so we will get youin touch with tried and tested appeals officers who have a proven track record with successful hit rate.

Do I need a measured survey and what does it include?

Unlike other Architects, we do not charge extra for this. A measured survey id included within the cost of each package!

How many revision cycles can we have?

Our prices include one full set of revisions. In one revision you can ask for as many changes as you wish, but all these changes must be asked for at the same time. Not over a period of time.

We can provide further revisions until you are happy with your plans. These will be charged at £150 + VAT per revision cycle.

Will you help us through planning and could you help with the construction process?


We are here to help you through all the planning process. We even have packages that includes the planning submission to the council on your behalf.

In addition, we can project-manage the entire build for you. We have our own contractor teams who are officially the 2017 Federation of Master Builder’s Builder of the Year!

What is a party wall and why is it important?

The party wall is the common wall separating two adjoining structures. Where your loft conversion steel beams are to sit within a party wall, the adjoining neighbour(s) must be informed and the party wall process followed. We found this very useful article to give you the lowdown on what you need to know.

What are building regulations and do I need to follow them?

Building regulation set legal minimum requirements for construction standards. Without exception all building regulations must be adhered to so a completion certificate may be issued and the build certified as being correct and legal.

How long will it take to get planning permission?

Once a planning application has been submitted the local authority have 8 weeks to consider the proposal, within which time they will issue their decision.

Am I guaranteed to get my plans approved?

Under permitted development, so long as we adhere to certain rules and conditions, you will be granted permission to build.

If your circumstances dictate that permitted development rights do not apply, than a full planning application will need to be submitted. And here the outcome will either be that plans are approved or that they are not approved. You hire us to work like mad to increase the odds of a positive result.

What is permitted development?

Permitted development is a route through the Council’s planning department whereby planning consent is not expressly required, because certain types of development are already pre-approved so long as they follow certainguidelines.

Other Architects don’t have transparent fixed fees but you do. What’s the catch?

No catch. This is how we do it.

The design and planning process is too often made out to be more complicated than it is. After a few hundred-loftconversions, we have come to know exactly where the architectural pitfalls andsweet spotsare, and our years of accumulated success and knowledge mean that we know precisely how much time and effort we will be putting into your scheme. Therefor we know exactly what it will cost.

No fuss, no games. Just excellent plans.

Why is it better to use an Architect instead of starting work straight away with a Builder?

The Architectural phase is the most critical phase of any project. If the plans are not 100% watertight, problems are guaranteed to emerge during the build stage and at that time, the chances are you will loose control of the spec, the budget and timeframe of the job.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How do I know whether to opt for an Architect or Architectural Technologist?

Well at Loft Conversion Architect it won’t particularly make a difference. Why? Because we have in-house, an entire team of experts working to get our clients through the planning process with minimum fuss. Clients benefit from several experts work on their project plans, including an Architectural Technologist/Architect, Planning Researcher, Surveyor and Project Coordinator. So one way or another you will get anoptimally designed loft scheme that gives you exactly what you need.

What is the difference between an Architect and an Architectural Technologist?

An Architect will be RIBAregistered where an Architectural Technologist will be CIAT registered.

There’s a reason most of our clients come to us through recommendation

It’s because we make them happy. Here’s what they’ve got to say about us.

Loft Conversion Architects made the process so easy. They really came through with my new conversion!

Ben S

East Finchley

We chose them because of the fixed fee structure which made budgeting the rest of the project a lot more comfortable.

Steve R.

Staines Upon Thames

The architecture package is exactly what I’d been searching for.

Sophie G.

Clapham, London

Thank you guys, I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Chris P.

Highbury, London

The design team were brilliant and I went on to use their builders. I can’t speak highhly enough of them. Really pleased.

The Thomas Family

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